• Yuyu

    Yu Yu is a Mexico City based intimate night club, which occupies a 19th-century residence in the heart of Juraréz with weekly national and international bookings.Together with a listening bar, a record store, a cinema and a workshop space a whole infrastructure for artists and music knowledge is centered. Endémico supports that project with logistics management of bookings and adding artists and projects to the p
  • Florance Jimenez Otto

    Florance Jimenez Otto

    Mental Support for Creative Minds.

    Mental Support has the aim of counseling which is not to offer ready-made solutions, but rather to support clients in developing their own, unique answers and paths forward. Therefore, it will define a concrete objective. Goals of counseling can be an unfolding of perspectives, an encouragement to self-reflectionor to overcome of conflicts with agents or colleagues. It will function as a neutral, critical sparring partner and will apply solution and outcome orientated techniques based on my experience of working in the music industry.

    Endémico works closely with these topics, together with Florence with the purpose of elaborating a healthy work environment and community.