Leslie García

Leslie García (mx) is an artist and producer of electronic music. Her musical projects are characterized by a strong experimental and improvisational influence both in the productions designed for the dance floor (LatamTapes, Microhm) and in their tendency towards sound art (LogarDecay, Interspecifics). In her artistic work she develops electronic art projects and digital media. Exploring the process of fusion between art and technology she is using techniques such as the production of virtual tools, development of electronic prototypes, audio production, design of parts and generative visual codes, hardware development and biological interfaces.


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Microhm (Live, AV, Dj Set)

Slow techno, Ambient,  Dark ambient, Alternative dance, Minimal wave

Available for:
Live A/V, Dj Set, Produces, Composer, Code, Improv, Installation


Based in:
CDMX, México


XLR8R : Microhm Podcast & Interview

Static Disco : LogarDecay (Dimension Series)

Umor Rex : LogarDecay FRGL (Record) : Umor Rex lanza 4 hermosos cassettes para imaginar


Upcoming events

10 Oct - Mexico City, Goethe-Institut - Heroines of Sound, edition 2019 :: Auditorium

13 Oct - Chihuahua, Murcof + ofecho :: Ruinas de Paquimé

16 - 20 Oct - Vancouver, Interspecifics :: Vancouver New Music Festival